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Final blog: Digital graphics level three Timi Awodipe

September 21, 2008

This is my final blog for digital graphics level 3 course .I designed three poster for this for this course to meet the requirement of the course.This is my three posters made using Photoshop.

My First Poster

Poster 1(wedding videography)

Poster 1(wedding videography)

My Second Poster

POSTER 2 (Wedding Photography)

POSTER 2 (Wedding Photography)

My Third Poster

Poster 3.Wedding classic and traditional car rentals

Poster 3.Wedding classic and traditional car rentals

This are the three posters made for this course. I chose to designed posters for wedding services because it is a type of business will be going into in the nearest future. And designing a poster helped ni bringing the dreamed business close to reality.

I did learn alot fro this course ,though I do mess around using photoshop but i never understood how to use it or waht the tools are used for.Coming on this course has boosted my confidence in using photoshop for every other aspect of my course and futire business plan. In video editing i learnt learning how to use photoshop will helped create a better quality job. In web designing, knowing how to use photoshop makes you a expert in webdesign because it will enable you design your logos and pictures form scrathyourself to your own taste.

Coming on this course was a bit of a struggle because i jugling between two courses , so i struggled keeping up with the pressure of two demanding courses and pressure of home.

for my future ambition this course will give me a edge .


Making of Poster 3

September 21, 2008

The third poster is to reflect a section of wedding servicesthat is into wedding classic and traditional car rentals . So i got some photos from the photos i got from my wedding photography friend wth a betny car and with a traditional car.I blended the two pictures together with a bride standing beside a car in the other picture.
The picture of the traditional carhas to be blended with the Betny car so iused the gradient tool in blending the two pictures together.While checking the picture, i noticed the bridal picture look more brigther than the betny so i reduced the opacity of the picture tomake it blend.

Proceded by masking the poster to white reduce the whiteness and then revealed the bride’s face some more.

copied the already made logo from poster one into this poster. Added what service we provide to the poster and the the company slogan which is “providing total wedding services”

The poster was not made to be A4 as specified because of the picture used.I attempted using the A4 but realise i will be loosing the important bits of the picture or the picture final look might be distorted, so made the poster a landscape size.

Making of Poster 2

September 21, 2008

To start making this poster, i had to use my own pictures by getting some photos from a friend who is a professional photographer.I selected the pictures that i think will make meaning to my business.

So one of the photos i selected was a photo of the bride walking in the rain with a gentleman picking up her weeding gown not allowing it to touch the floor and using the other hand to hold the umbrella.

scanned out a picture of a flower off the Pure wedding magazine i bought. pasted the flower to be be the background of the image. added some effect to the background image to make it fade inadded hue/saturation to make it i bit darker, pasted the picture on the background image.

I added another effect into the picture to make it look like a photo picture. The later now cut off the camera got fro the internet into the poster replaced the image in the lens with the bride and service provider’s closeup image.

I later discovered the camera is looks a bit out of the picture so i added a shadow to the picture on a seperate layer.

The poster is having the look planned . My next step was to copy the style used from poster 1into poster 2.Increased the opacity of the heart logo and filled the poster with more information of what the company is all about and my final poster.

Making of Poster 1

September 19, 2008

Making of my First Poster

The first step i did in making my first poster was to sketh out how the poster will look like. I made up to three different skethes of ideas i will be working on.

The first sketh was a couple in a heart with a camera on top on the image.

My Second sketh reflects a bride carrying a video cam on her shoulder .

The third reflex a video camera capturing the couple and it reflects through the screen of the video camera.

So i decided to have a go on the third idea which is a video camera reflecting couples action on their wedding day.

Checked the requirement for the poster and created a a4 paper size on photoshop.

Staep 1: scanned out picture from the Pure wedding magazine .

Step 2:

I used the clone tool using photoshop to remove the text on the picture to suit my idea

Step 3:Blur the image to blur by adding lens effect under the filter tool.Using the lens effect blured the backgroung and reveal the important part of the photo.

Step 4:Cut and paste the camera using maque and magic tool to fit inot the side of the blurd poster.

Step 5 :Cut another copy of the bride and groom and pasted it into the camera screen to show the reflection of the lens which is the couple.

Step 6:Crop the tcouple image into the reflective lens of the camera using Edit – Transform -Scale. This enabled me to fit the picture into the reflective lens of the video camera.

Step 7

I used mask to dull the whole picture and then revealed the important bits using brush.

Step 8

Created a logo using shape tool.

Step 9:Downloaded a wedding font from the web and added the name of my Business

Step 10:Added a slogan and a caption to identify with what service we provide using text.Added some eefect to the text.

Final Product of my Poster

12/09/08: Making my board and posters

September 12, 2008

Making my Mod Board

We were given assignment to make a sketh board of  the poster . I choose to make a poster on Wedding services.This comprise of photography, videography and classic and traditional car rentals. I made effort to get a car rental magazine to add to my mod board but could not, while time is not on my side.

So my first step in making a Mod board was to get a magazines with wedding pictires. I had to buy a magazine called “Pure Wedding” .

Though i did get some pictures but not as much picture that will reflect my type of business. I trimed the pictures needed, got a board and pin to stick them on the board in a way  it will make a meaning.

Morealso i needed some pictures of digital camera and video camera so i went to curry to pick up one of their magazines and trimed off the interesting pictures, place it on a the boardusing pin.

Making of my Posters

Skeches: I started making my posters by firstly sketching some ideas in my brain.

I also got some brilliant idea from the web where a bride was carrying a professional video camera on her shoulder. I think that a good way to reflex a service but we have been been told we have to get our own pictures so thats ruled out. Got some more few ideas online which was gotten from and gotten from

I also tried a rought sketh using pictures online

I will like to make a poster that reflex the services my company provides. So Firstly i need a

  • Company Name
  • Logo
  • Slogan

After much thought, i had an idea to name the comapny Bridal Services. Firstly i checked on the internet to find out if anyone was already using the name, but luckily, im the first to use the name BrIdal Service.

The name brdal service has something to do with weeding so i am satisfied with the name. My next step is getting a logo.

Making my posters took more effort and sleepless night because i am behind my coursework. I reseached using the metalib via the university of huddersfield website  but could not get enough information needed so i had to go into the University Library to reseach on posters. I did get two books namely

  • Film Posters Of the 30s written by tony nourmand and graham marsh
  • Per Arnoldi 250 posters etc written by Per Arnoldi

Getting the two books gave me ideas of what a posters should look like and the concept in making a posters.

The Film Posters had posters of movies made in the 30s and what i noticed or was the use of fonts was one of the main concentration in making film poster while Per Arnoldi poster are more of a cooperate poster with uniqueness.

I did learn alot today during the section of making my posters on photoshop. I am happy i was able to make use of the pictures i cut off from the “Wedding magazine”. I have done ended the day finishing up with the first poster, though their might still need to put some touch to it. I mastered how to tranform images , move images. add shadows,create a logo  and more

My next plan is to work on the next poster before the next lecture.

9/09/08 Ideas on Posters

September 9, 2008

Today i started working and developing ideas on my posters. I rese3archred on google to get ideas and morealso went through some online magazines.

My choosen poster is to design a poster for a campany that is into wedding services such as  providing photography, video coverage, disk jockey, limo services.

After my researched i got the idea of designing a poster with bride and bridesmate with the camera focusing on the couple.

Below is the pictire . For the final project i will have to use my own image .

The poster will be looking like this while the original copy is shhown below.

I will be desinginging same with a video camera instead of a digital camera.The poster will project the image of the seervices the company offers.Displaying  a digital camera projects we offer photography services and displaying a video camera displays we offer video coverage for wedding ceremonies.

Before next tutorial, i will need to have gotten my own wedding and digital  camera image from magazine or scanned picture.

Using Text : 02/09/08

September 3, 2008

THis is the first Post . My Blog is just been created today.


I did missed the blogging part tutorial of the last lesson so i am 2 weeks behind. I will have to get on track with the previuos blogs.

Tody in Class  i learnt about using text, where text fonts are stored on the computer and where we can get new text to be used for our Final course work.

I tried downloading the text fonts and discovered the fonts has to be dragged from the zip folder into the font folder.

I did the days task and personally , the new things learnt today is Creating a shadow. Logged into the university metalib in accessingthe tools available and then checked some tutorial on photoshop.

Learnt from Home

I decided to learn more from home by checking the website for free tutorial on Text. I clicked on the topic that  says “Create nn destructive text in Photoshop”.

After going through the video tutorial, i was not really safisfied with what i learnt(maybe it was too advanced). So i logged into the university website and clicked  into metalib  and then seached for photoshops. I did get a good chunk of video tutorial on text and Fonts.

The type Tool

The video showed how to use the type tool in using the type tool in writing text, bolding the text,changing fonts,style,character tool, vertical type tool and horizontal type tool.

Fonts and Colour

In the fonts video , i learnt more on using different fonts and style. Different Fonts family , changing fonts colour and downloading  special fonts for use.

Type on a Path

In this video, i learnt on how to type on a path. Though we already learnt this in class but studying on it personally helped me in undersatnding how to use the pen tool on writing on a path which i now find confortable using the free form text tool.

Using type as a Mask

I find this a very good technique to use in establishing a unique font. In this tutorial, i learnt how to mask a text by grabbing a a sky text from an image and putting it into the text written.