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Blog – 2/09/2008

September 2, 2008

The first topic in today’s sesson was a short tutorial on text. The tutorial explained the improtance of text within a picture and how it helps improve the pictures aesthetic appearance. Our tutor explained that you can download free fronts to be used within a photoshop application and once you have downloaded the fronts they will be accessible within other microsoft applications (But not all fronts work within other microsoft applications). Our tutor also showed us how to apply special effects to text within our photoshop application, he showed us how special effects can improve the pictures overall apperance. I found this tutorial useful, it has shown me how I could improve the text in my final project, by useing different fronts and special effects.

The second topic in today’s sesson was another tutorial, this tutorial showed us how to attach text to a path (How to make text follow a line). I found this tutorial intresting, it gave me another example of how to improve the aesthetic appearance of the text in my final project (The three posters). I am hoping to use this example in one of the three posters I have to design for my final project.

I have attached an example of the above below:



Blog – 29/08/2008

September 1, 2008

In today’s lesson I completed my proposal for my final project. I chose to create an imaginary company called Yogis – The Yoga Company. I feel this subject will allow me to explain the different types of yoga through the three posters I have to design for my final project. I am a  Zen Buddhist and i practice yoga on a daily basis I also go to yoga class every Tuesday for an hour and a half, I think my knowledge of yoga will help me be creative and truthful when designing my final three posters.

(I have attached a copy of my proposal)

Also in today’s lesson I learnt that recapping previous techniques is very useful, because over time people forget techniques, so by recapping or having a short tutorial on techniques it will help you store the information you need, so you can jog your memory when working on a project.

For me recapping or having a short tutorials is important because i do forgot techniques, so recapping will allow me to use the techniques I have learnt in class on my final project.