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Blog 4 5th September

September 8, 2008

Today we were allowed to carry on with our own projects and catch up with blogs that are incomplete. We were also shown how to produce an ideal blog byu referring to We were told that his blog was not perfect but it was still agood example of how to score highly in this section of the assigment. His blogs showed picture inserts into text, a technique were retaught today.

We were shown that sometimes it is better to save an image as a .gif file


Blog 3.5 Home 5th September Friday 2008

September 8, 2008

I have made sure I have the materials for the mood board, costing about £6 in total. I will complete it over the weekend. What I will do with the board is put in things that describe my interests, so it will feature robots, charity, communication, religion, gadgets and the like.

Personal note The registered name of my charitable proposal is The C.O.R.E. Engineering Millennial Kingdom so mood board could have Buckingham Palace to represent a kingdom.

For one of my posters I thought it would be a good idea to design a large poster in the format of a ‘flowing story’ business card that describes what I am about in words without pictures. So it will feature as normal the name of the company and a brief description of what the enterprise does, but with short words like ‘the’ and ‘for’ to create a flow that will stick in the mind and generate some interest. For the back of the card on a separate sheet, I will create a high impact message that could read something like:                                   ‘Make It Happen’.

For my second poster I will probably do a poster to highlight some of my operating-system Ideas so It will feature possibly a house with a window to represent microsoft, an apple tree to represent Mac OS X and some other features to represent new operating systems that will be developed in the future.

And for my third logo…

This week I have spent time at the University of Huddersfield Business Mine writing a description about what I have been doing in my life up to this point in terms of work, bringing me to the stage of desiring to set up my own Charitable Organisation. It includes ideas I have had for helping the blind, a social enterprise I setup and some of my voluntary work.

I shall also include a description or business model for my idea

This I have produced for Mr. Rupert Shires who is the social enterprise contact for Business Link.

I have also set up a social network using Ning.

Blog 3 .2nd September 2008 rough copy

September 4, 2008

On Tuesday we were introduced into ideas behind typogrqaphy. Fonts are used to change the way text appears on screen, from word documents to posters. They can be used to enhance and deliver a message more clearly through using fonts that complement what is being conveyed. Typography will be important when it comes to my specific project to do with computer engineering and i would be interested in finding out what Apple uses for their font.We were taught that fonts are all saved in a specific folder which is limited to around 300.

Google has many fonts that can be downloaded from the internet in compressed zip files. When unzipped they form ttf’s true type fonts. The typface usually must complement the mood of the message e.g. for a Halloween poster you would not use Times New Roman you would choose something more frightening and choose a scary font that may have droplets of blood dropping off letters.

We also covered shadow effects to enhance the look of the typefacethis essentially was done by using the flip verticle tool and gausian blur as an introduction to special effects called text formating techniques. Skewing and bevel and emboss were demonstrated to us.

I also spent time personally on my poster project one of the posters will be of a foot entering a door and a garden with windows, doors, pathway and a gate to fire up the imagination in regards to future operating systems. I also sketched an impression of an early robot I call Cayana, which will be the wifi  or dongle controlled robot that will deliver the service.