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Final blog: Digital graphics level three Mujebur Rahman

September 21, 2008

I feel as though my posters have come out quit well, and I am pleased with what I have created ion a small time frame.

Every designer has different tastes ad choices of approaching what they set out to accomplish, I decided to use a lot of different techniques in my final project, from gradients to masks and also layer styles and layer overlays.

I have a full continuity in my posters, I have added:

This is to keep a consistent flow within my posters and also link them together so that they can be related.

I decided to base my poster promotion around food as it plays a large roll in my life, I work as a chef and I know a lot about it, also it gave me the opportunity to take realistic pictures and acquire images of a real company, from logos to dishes, without having to download them from the web.

The objective of the poster was to create an awareness of new dishes that were going to be launched by the cotton factory, a bar bistro placed in the centre of Huddersfield town; the posters were designed to be used as an in-house promotional poster.

The poster achieved this aim by using bold and vibrant colours that give it a tasty look and helps promote the dish, the colours used were designed to complement the image used, not to take the focus away from what is trying to be sold.

Personally I think that my posters are fit for purpose, as it gives you knowledge of what is trying to be sold, a brief explanation and price of the dish, everything that you would like to know about what you are about to order, followed by have an image that looks appetising, and colours that give emphasis and attraction to the image.

Approaching the idea of food promotion was a non planed idea; I imported an image in to Photoshop, on an A4 plain document that was about 200 to 300 DPI or resolution to me and you.

This then lead on to me smudging and blending and blurring the image, followed also by duplicating the layer adding layer styles and overlays, so all in all I created the poster through trial and error, I did create a mood boarded and a sketch book, but that was more for a guide line to stick within, the colours and style to follow.

As you will see in my posters, I have decided to keep all of the images within the centre, as it is classed as the focus point, and your eyes arte drawing in to the centre of the image, I have also placed the text at the bottom as when you reading you read from top to bottom.

Final posters

Being on the digital graphics course has been fun and I have learned a lot of techniques which are very valuable, also the use of fonts and shadows to emphasis a section of an image or text. I also feel as though I am more confident in using Photoshop and adding layer upon layers to your project followed by experimenting allot to gain a better feel to a project.

I believe that my poster met the brief but not up to the full potential, or to the capital T.


About my final project: Digital graphics level three Mujebur Rahman

September 21, 2008

This is a lead up to my final blog and reflection on the digital graphics course and also what I feel I have achieved in my posters created for this course.

I have spent some time in theses past weeks collecting images, for my final poster promotion campaign.

I got in touch with the manager of the cotton factory and ask if there was a possibility of him getting me sum images of food that is going to be put on to the new up and coming menu. To my joy the following day I was given a CD with a few images that I have used in my final poster promotion of the new menu.

Hear are a few ideas or photographs that I might use in my final poster:

”]  collected image

Through the process of elimination I decided to use the following images within my poster.


collected image

I am pleased with my choice as it gives me a variety and range of colours to be able to choose from, and also the ability to experiment and add extra features to make the poster more attractive.

I feel that the images I have selected for the posters are very good, but it is coming around to winter and they are more of a summer time dishes, I should have kept it more seasonal and used different images that portray more of a winter image, this would of been possible to do if I was given more winter images and seasonal pictures.

The colors scheme that I decided to go with was a Pink, Green, Red, and Brown, scheme, this is because it works very well with each image and creates a continuity balance with the image, also it make it easy to look at and not to over powering with colors, that can take the focus away from the image.

16.09.08 Digital graphics level three Mujebur Rahman

September 21, 2008

To day in the mornings we were given some handouts that outlined what is expected from the class for the final poster design and evaluation.

As the few previous weeks, to day was an independent session again, for the completion of our posters and getting to the point of handing them in.

It is getting quite close to the deadline of submitting our work and I do not feel confident in my work, as I misted one session and it feels as though I have missed three sessions.

In the after noon we were shown some work by people that have sat the digital graphics level three before and what they had come up with for there final posters and the effects that they chose to use to give there poster a unique selling point.

This gave me plenty of ideas that I could implement in to my poster, and also the gradient and overlay techniques that can be added to my posters.

I then started to play about with these techniques and effect, this took some tin before I was satisfied with the out come of the effect, I had played about with these effects for about two hours before I beg to feel confident with the techniques.

To day was a good session as I got to see what is expected from me and also what techniques to use in my final posters.

Blog 05 – 05 – 09 – 2008 – Mujebur Rahman – Exporting for web and clipping masks.

September 9, 2008

The day started by me submitting my completed mood board, and them we started on a little tutorial on haw to export images for the web, this is mainly for the purpose of uploading images for word press so that it looks much more appealing to the reader, and also being a digital graphics course it would be appropriate to have the correct images at the correct pixel ratio.

This part of the day was helpful to those that do not, no haw to convert an image file for the use on screen based media. But to me it was not that helpful as I already no how to convert images for the web and what the image should be at. For example if it is text that you may what to upload it would be appropriate to convert the image to a GIF as it gives the opportunity of reducing the colour depth to the lowest possible, but if it is an images that you would like to upload that has a lot of colours, it would be appropriate to JPEG, this is because it has the compatibility to hold its colour ratio and aspect, but it would not reduce the file size that much.

Once we completed the section on exporting images for web, we talked about win rar and how windows dose not have a default program that allows you to uncompress files that you may download to use on your computer for Photoshop, it is free to download from Google.

We also was shown how to use the custom shape tool and create, and downloaded some from the website, this is a handy instrument in Photoshop as it allows you to add images in to your project without having to be an expert on using the pen tool, there are tow options in the shape tool and pen tool, they are paths that allows you to draw an outline of a shape that you may what to type around and also shape layer, this is a solid vector shape that is crated and allows you to create a clipping mask, this is a shape of your choice and am image in the background,

We also went over to the university to collect our library cards, and also we went on a little tour of the grounds so that we know where to locate all our course materials, i.e. books etc.


September 5, 2008

I have chosen my desired font as a continuation with the theme of company’s image.

I have browsed the internet and, been through many websites that have a variety of fonts, it became overwhelming I confusing, and I could not decide on the type of font that I wanted, so I then decided to go back to the basics, and looked at the menu that I acquired from the cotton factory.

The font that that is in use is very basic and clear, so I decide to have some continuity within the project and came up with a few basic typefaces that can be acquired from Microsoft’s fonts bank.

The fonts that I will be working from are:

Tahoma – as it is clear and readable

Verdana – as it is clear, readable and understandable

Century Gothic – as it is also clear, readable, and understandable

As you can see from above all the fonts look similar in type, very curvy and round, this is pleasing to the eye and also people can read this type of font with ease.

I have also downloaded a few font types from the internet and decided, that I will use the following in red:

The only drawback will be that they will be suitable for titling but not as a sentence or text font.


September 4, 2008

At home I have been working on my mood board and sketch book, I have also acquired images that I think are suitable, I have added the chosen style of text that I would like to use followed by the color style that would be of choice.

I have seen the previous level three digital graphics courses mood boards and don’t think that my one meets up to the correct expectations, but I have tried to compile a collage of things that are relevant to the completion of my digital graphics level 3.

I feel as though the sessions that we have had in the past week are very helpful and I am trying to keep hold of the skills by repeating them in my spare time.

I have been practicing how to add different effects to imagers followed by masking and layer styles.

I have also been adding layer styles to text after rasterizing them correctly.

My mood board

Blog 02

September 4, 2008

This morning we delved straight in to Photoshop and looked at typography, or also know as fonts, fonts are important as they create an attraction to the promotion it is being used for, there impertinence is to create an eye catching awareness of the product that is being marketed, if the promotional font is not correct for the purpose, it can create a bad image for the company and the product.

Once the brief introduction to fonts was covered, we were given a short tutorial in Photoshop of how manipulate text and rasterise them so that a layer style could be added.

Once the tutorial of fonts was completed, which I found quite intriguing, we proceeded to the inter net and downloaded some extra fonts to install to our desktops so that they can be used for feature uses, if a font is downloaded to one machine and used, it must also be transfer with the project so that it can be used on another desktop..

In the afternoon session we were given a task of generating a path, a path is an outline of a shape that can be drown with a pen tool, to add a paths allows you to make the text flow in any directions that you may desire for it to go, I find this quit challenging as I am not good with the pen tool but at the same time I was picking up future skill to implement in to my final project.

The idea of having a path for text to snap to and follow is a must in my project and will require me to get to no the pen tool in my spare time at home.

Today’s session has been very interesting and requires further studding, so that I will be fluent in using both the pen tool and Skew, which is to distort an image so that it looks like it is following the light, I found that this session to be of some use as I did not no the relevance of the uses of fonts and there impotents to a project, I knew that it had to be appealing and fit for the purpose but it also has to be readable and fashionable followed by eye catching.

Digital graphics level three. Blog entry 01. By Mujebur Rahman

September 1, 2008

Digital graphics level three.


Blog entry 01


Friday the 29th of August 2008


To day was the second session that we had for the digital graphics level three course, and the second session was spent in the completion of our proposals that was set the on Tuesday the 26th of August 2008.


I had complications in completing the first task as I was not to sure how to tackle this, but as I got to know the brief I started to understand what was required and was able to find the most suitable route to take.


My proposal is for the promotion of a new menu launch, which basically means it is going to be a three part poster promotion campaign showing different styles of food that are available from the selected menu. The company that I am basing my project around is called the Cotton Factory, a bar restaurant that is changing its image in to a locally sourced and organic foods business that is high in its customer service.


My ideas for the poster promotion will be based around vibrant but subtle colours on a white background, followed by images of food and basic text that is not over whelming to look at, each interlinking poster will have different feels to them but when placed together they should compliment each other and stand out.


I have not carried out any basic research but as of yet but this idea seems appealing to me and a few of my close friends, so this means that I will have to come up with a short questionnaire to use as a marketing tool scheme on a group of about 15 to 30 people.


After the completion of this proposal we were show some tips in adobe Photoshop, this was very useful as it help to blow away the cobwebs and refresh the mind of skill that were once there. The techniques we were shown was masking and using these technique in creating promotional material for a pendent and aftershave. We imported pre prepared images in to Photoshop and duplicated the layer so that a layer mask could be added, along side with a layer style. A layer mask is an option in adobe Photoshop that allows you to add texture and body to an image, to make it more appeal or bodied. A layer style allows you to add drop shadows or blurs along with many other futures.


After using these techniques and adding different features to my peace of work, I feel as though it will be a good idea to use some form of masking within my final project, followed by some layer styles to give my poster oomph.


Once I had got home from the class session I had sat down and thought about my project, as the company ‘The Cotton Factory’ is not going to put this promotional poster out until December of 2008 alongside the refurbishment that will take place, it will take me some time to obtain the images, so I have come up with the solution of either cooking the dish my self and capturing the images or taking them from an internet site that will be royalty free.


I feel that I have achieved a basic understanding of what is required on the graphics course followed bay an understanding of having to blog about what I have done both in class sessions and home, so that I have more time to spend on my poster project. I have also played around with adding effects to layers and also adding layer masks to pictures that I have taken to give them body and appeal, so that when I come to using adobe Photoshop to manipulate images in my final project I should be fluent enough so that I have no hiccups.