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Digital Graphics Level 3, sesson 2 Fonts by Dominic Mills

September 5, 2008

Introduction font

Today lesson was about Font and how the right font make a big difference in advertisment i.e poster, flyer, post card etc, as we were doing a poster design for our final assignment we need to think of the right font theme for our designs. As I was doing my designs on my ends2 ends project that is directed at pointing  out problems and talent in disadvantage communities in west yorkshire. At first i thought of a graffiti font but I’m in too minds about using that font as it being used in previous projects till I see this website this website I found very eye peeling as it had hundreds of graffiti fonts to play around with

the tutor should us how we can use text in different ways and for different shapes by using a thing called path, the way to do this is you firstly need create new page, then to create a path you need to  selecting the pen tool or the shape tool or the line tool then you need to go to the option bar and makesure the path option is actived, once the path is created switch to the horizontal type tool bring your mouse cursor close to the path and the cursor should change, click on it and start typing and the text you write should follow the path. The tutor also showed us how to manipulate the type on the path by selecting the direct selection tool or the path selection tool, then you can drag the font to move along the path or drag it across the path to flip the font to the other side

The tutor then asked us to take part in a group  tutorial task on photo shop , as we had to put a fonts to too different picture. The first one was an halloween picture as we had to give a title to, we decided to call it scary picture, the thing we had to do was to find the right font to suit the scary picture. The  tutor then explained that there are many site where you could find decent font and if we like a font we could download it, it automatic goes into your font section and can be up loaded in photoshop. After find the right font we like we then had to resize it and then give it an effect by using a shadow text, to give it that shadow effect, we then what to blur the shadow text, so by doing this we then had to go to filter, blur then gaussain blur.

I found this task very intrest but abit hard to grap in, but after the tutor ran me through it a second time I decided to play around with  it to try and get the hang of it

Today I think the  session was very intresting and inportant as it made me think more about how i was going to find the right clear font for my final poster design so this maybe alonger research for me to find the prefect one also the path is also what i am going to use in my final project as I can have a logo design and wrap the text around it.


Introduction to digital graphics level 3 by Dominic Mills

August 31, 2008


Today was the first day on the digital graphics level 3 course. Tutor Dave explained to us what we would be aiming for from this level 3 course. The assignment brief we have to complete to pass the digital graphics qualification, was to act as a digital graphics designers for a company and come up with three finished posters for a organisation or a charity campaign advertising of your choice. the tutor went through an example of an assignment brief by using a Tribunal Adertising Agency as an example. After he went throught the brief, the first thing we had to do is write up a proposal as we have to get an approval from the tutor on the scope of idea. I decided to do my posters for my ends2ends project that i’m currently doing on behalf of the mtv boom project, that is aimed to direct young people the right way from today issues.

To write up the proposal we had to answer a number of questions I.e what the name of the company and what materials do they use. As my project organisation was aimed at anti gun and knife campaign to give a better understanding of disadvantage communties around west yorkshire. As i was approved by the tutor on my proposal idea, my next step was to think about what i was going to put down in my sketch book and on my mood board for ideas.

evening session

After lunch the session began back, for this part of the session the the tutor wanted us to open photo shop as he was going to recap us through some of the things we did on the the level 2 course i.e the tools we can use in photoshop for example the lasso tool and the move tool and etc. after the recap the tutor wanted us to go threw two task with him, the first task was to put together an men cologne bottle advertisment, the first step we had to do was to change the background layer, to a next colour of our own choice, then use the move tool to move the cologne bottle to the background layer. The next step was to copy the cologne bottle layer and flip it so it gives a shadow effect and the way we did this was edit, transform and rotate vertically, we then had to draw a straight line by holding down the shift key and draw a line down with the mouse, then right click with the right mouse button.