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Session eight for Level Three Digital Graphics at the Media Cnter in Huddersfield on the 19.9.08

September 22, 2008

This was the last session that we were to be taught on the level three graphics course that was held within the grounds of the Media Center in Huddersfield.

I arrived around 10a.m. and I quickly made my way downstairs to where the lesson was being held.

The main thing that I had to concertrate on this day was to get all my blogs submitted on and also finish of my three posters on my advertising campaign which was the Music Made Very Easy or the online msic tuition that I was fictisuosly providing as service to the public on the world wide web.

I made sure that all my blogs were up to date apart from the last one which was the 19.9.08 which I started in the program Word as this was the last session of the eight that we were to produce and also carried on with my three posters.


Session Eight for the Digital Graphics Level Three course at the Media Center in Huddersfield 19.9.08

September 21, 2008

Arrived at the Media Center around 9.30a.m. and this was the final day that we were to get our work together i.e.Blogs and also our three posters for the submission towards the certificate for the level three course in graphic design.

The first thing that I looked at was importing some photos in that I took of my Mum’s piano which is a Yamaha upright and I imported one or two images into Bridge within the program Photoshop CS2.

After I had imported the Piano images in I then went about editing the images by cutting the Piano out and placing them into the poster that I was creating with the other instruments and text of the posters that I was designing.

I did this by adding to the selection and then going around the edges of the Piano with the Polyligonal Lasso Tool.I found that the selection does not have to be exactly where I want the parts of the Piano to be cut so as to transfer the image to the poster as I now know that I can de select at a latter date and this will give me more of a acerate cut with the edges of the Piano that I am editing for my posters for the advertising campaign.

I first of all brought the Piano in as a .Jpeg and then as the photo was very dark I lightened it up by using the Layer menue and then a New Adjustment Layer and the Brightness/Contrast section to lighten he piano for the editing stage i.e. cutting the piano out to place within the posters for the ,’Music Made Very Easy’ advrtising campaign.

After I was happy with the brightness of the image of the piano I then used the Polygonal Lasso Tool to cut around the edges of the piano.

I used the Magnifying Glass and zoomed in to get more of a decent cut around the piano when it was selected.

After I had cut the piano out I then duplicated the layer of the image of the piano then deleted the original image and kept the copy so that I could then use this within my poster as it had a plain background.

Please find underneath how I cut the piano out using the Polygonal Lasso Tool in the Photoshop program.

 This is what the piano looked like before being edited in Photoshop.

 this show the menu adjusting the layers of the photo as it was very dark and i wanted to lighten it for editing within the program Photoshop.

 here I cut the piano out using the Polygonal Lasso Tool within the edit menue in Photoshop.

After I had placed the piano into the poster I then decided that I wanted to put the wood grain of the piano on the typeface of the main logo  i.e.’ Music Made Very Easy’ and I did this by creating  another layer in Photoshop and then combining this with the layer of the type face that I was using.This I felt gave the poster more of an old and traditional feel about it and if someone was think of having lessons then with the wood grain on the logo it would be I think more homely to one’s eyes and away from the ridgid look of what teaching can portray graphically.

This done I then set about to compose my poster two design which I did by using various ideas that I have scanned in from books which are related to design within the graphics world.

For the second poster I have decided to again use the idea of a regtangle but this time place the type face on either sides of the poster and have the photos of the instruments in the middle.

Again using the same design but with the different images arranged in a different order and also to add different clefs of music to entice people to learn how to play.

This I feel is a way to introduce music which can be taught and retains the old values that history has been made up from this gendre for the past five hundred or so years.

The third poster is more of a type face on one side of the poster and the photos of the instrumens on the other.This poster hopefuly will cater for young people to want to learn how to play various instruments that I am advertising.

I have tryed to cater for all kinds of people as not one person is the same when it comes to the learning the process of music.

The second part of the day I decided to create my own design on paper and scan the image into Photoshop.

Underneath shows the drawing that I did to scan into for one of my poster designs.I was trying to create a vector graphic but it did not work out.I will try scaning some manuscript music in and try to manipulate that within the program Photoshop.



I hope that the posters tend to reflect this and also that when people see what I have to offer to the world they will understand that they could learn to play a musical instrument and most importantly that they are having fun learning how to play.

The posters have mainly been done using a plain background so as to enphasize the instruments that are being taught i.e. people’s eye’s will be drawn to the instruments if they want the service the tuition program provides.

The level three course in graphics has certainly been a eye opener for me and I hope that I can continue on learning this wonderful subject.

Everthing that I see around me I am now relating to Photoshop and how things that are designed can be made within the program Photoshop.

I’m sure if I keep perservering with the program that I will reap great rewards within the future from the program.

I’d like to thank everyone who has helped me on this course i.e. Dave Wall my teacher and also my mentor Paul.Both of which have been very helpful and offered all the support that I have needed to gain the confidence with this amazing program.

in the future I need to gather ideas and carry on using my sketch book to jot ideas down that I may come across within real life.

The ideas that I have learnt and continue to learn from Photoshop will help me to learn other programs that are also made by Adobe as they work in a very similar way to Photoshop so this is great as there is some kind of familularity between the different programs.

My sketches are very basic but the ideas are there for everyone to see and my Moodboard was a little one dimentional although now that I have a stronger grasp of this concepts and will continue to draw and make different mood boards if the work comes along within this nature.

Overall I have found the course to be very enjoyable and shall continue to learn how Photoshop works and all it’s possible editing capabilities.

Saved Proposal for the advertising campaign,’ Music Made Very Easy’

September 20, 2008

My Proposal for my three posters as a selling point

‘Music Made Very Easy’, is a company that specialises in the art of teaching people to learn different musical instruments of different ages and of different abilities.
 The company is based in a small town called Huddersfield which is based within the U.K. and has been trading within this field for the past twenty or so years.
The services that are provided are teaching various musical instruments and also teaching people to use various software programs for the computer.
The teaching methods are varied and appeal to people all ages and all abilities.
The company works on a very flexible approach where by the student can work at there own pace as and when they wish to learn by simply accessing various lessons on the internet and can check there work on a continual assessment basis.
The only thing that is required from people who wish to attend the program is for them to have the desire to learn and the rest will follow if they follow the learning procedure that the company offers.

Session Six for the Digital Graphics course Level Three at the Media Center in Huddersfield 12.9.08

September 19, 2008

This was a private study day where we are to work on creating our poster in class.As this is a very new idea to me i.e. Digital Graphics then this proved to be a challenge to me to design a background for the three posters that I was to preset for my final submision.

For design I decided first of all to sketch what the backgrounds could look like before commiting the designs to the digital program Photoshop.

The first design was a circle that I drew and had the logo around the circle at the top of the circle i.e. ‘Music Made Very Easy’.

I found at this stage of the production within the making of the three posters that there is more error than trial and as I’m not a great drawer this proved to be more of a problem when coming to work on a design which was to fit with selling a service.

I realized that the posters had to be eye catching yet at the sametime have a strong context as to what the posters are advertising.

Session six was more about trying different ideas out and I was not happy with the results as it was not really telling people what the posters were supposed to be advertising and hopefully providing that service where by people can learn from how to play various musical instruments that I was fictiously teaching.

I choose the colour spectrum of the rainbow and the designs that I came up with were not fitting for the product or service that I was selling to the general public.

Please find underneath the different designs that I created within Photoshop using the vector graphics tools available to me in the program CS2.

One of the design ideas for my posters for the background.Idea put together on 12.9.08 not used.

Created using the vector graphic tools in Photoshop was going to use as a background.12.9.08

Created using the vector graphic tools in Photoshop was going to use as a background.12.9.08

Knowing that this was not going to be the background image for the three posters that I was going to design I realised that I needed inspration from other sources and set about doing lots of reasearch at the libary within the university.However as I did not have a uni card at this point I was rather stuck and had to wait for Monday on enrolment day before I could access the libary.

Session Seven for the Digital Graphics Level Three at the Media Center in Huddersfield 16.9.08

September 18, 2008

Arrived at the Media Center around 9.45 a.m. and the first thing that I was asked was do I have any images that I have managed to save for my research for the poster designs.I told my teacher Dave that I had enroled yesterday at the uni in Huddersfield and that the machine that I used did not save the scans that I was wanting to use as examples of inspiration to store on my memory stick.However I could go back and get the books now as I know where they are in the libary at the university.

I went back to the university libary on the third floor and into the Graphics section and managed to get the books that I looked at the previous day for ideas.

I knew that I was on the right track now in designing the three posters and scaned images in using another scanner.

Please find underneath examples of what I have scanned in for my research for my three posters.

Musical stave is a strong example for selling music tuition

Musical stave is a strong example for selling music tuition


Musical notes a universal language

Musical notes a universal language


Work well having the typeface on one part of the poster and a photo of the instruments on the other

Work well having the typeface on one part of the poster and a photo of the instruments on the other

Another idea is to have the text face at both sides of the poster and the photo of the instruments in the middle

Another idea is to have the text face at both sides of the poster and the photo of the instruments in the middle

All these above examples put me back on track for designing the three posters for the musical tuition of different instruments.
after I had been to the university I then set off back to the Media center with my scanned images that inpired me and also a book that I took out of the libaray called the Complete Graphic Designer by Ryan Hembee.
During the last session which was session six I tryed using the primary colours of the rainbow and creating a design using the vector graphic tools in Photoshop.I was not very impressed with my results although the idea of creating my own background in Photoshop interested me so I looked at various other ways that I could make a background for my posters without the design concept that I had used within the previous session.
I still need to get to grips with how this works i.e. applying filters within Photshop to make a background image for the poster designs. 
I decided to use a white silvery background for oe of my posters as this was a contrast to the instruments that were in the poster and made the poster stand out.
This I did by applying filters within Photoshop using the Lens flair and also the Lighting effect section of the program.
Please find underneat the image of the poster design at this stage.
Here is more of how I want the posters to look for my advertising campaign

Here is more of how I want the posters to look for my advertising campaign

As you can see the instruments are very dark in the poster so I need to learn how to make them lighter in the program Photoshop.having said that I feel that i’m moving in the right direction towards getting an idea of how to sell the service that I’m fictiously providing. 

Session Three for the Digital Graphics Level Three for homework

September 18, 2008

As I’m now half way through the course and I’ve done lots of research into the digital world of media I thuroght that it was good time to reflect on what I have done and see if there are ways that I can improve on my progress.

I am still a slow learner when it comes to Photoshop although my mentors are helping me as much as possible and I’m sure that it will click into place eventually if not now but in the future.

I have done one or two sketches and found this to be very helpful when it comes to trying to formulate ideas to use as different concepts for the making of the posters.

I have different ideas such as using a circle as the outline for the posters and putting various elements such as instruments within the posters although at this stage I am looking at design ideas away from anything to do with music in various graphic books which are telling me more about how to structure a poster and the different concepts that can be used in the making of posters.

My posters will be more from a regtangler shape and have the logo typeface straight at the top of the posters.However I have found that it can be infantesimal how the poster looks and there is no right or wrong way of making one.

Most of my homework has been to do with research into posters and design and now that I have finally got a libaray card from the uni I have all the resources at my finger tips.

I’m learning new techniques now in Photoshop and I’m beginning to grasp the idea of layers.

What I’m finding very interesting at this stage is how to add filters to different images and create weird and wonderful effects.These I’m sure will come into there own with my posters as time goes on and I find that it is much to do with trail and error to get some great results.

One aspect that does interest me is to create my own images by using materials that are available to me.

An example comes to mind of a poster that I saw the other day of someone who took a photo of a piece of plastercine and superimposed it and altered it to good effect in Photoshop.This really opened my mind up to different ways how basic materials that are lying around the house can be intergated into Photoshop and used within a making of a poster.

I have taken various photos of my Mum’s piano from different angles and will be using these in my three posters that I will be producing for next week.

My main aim is to create all the elements of the poster by myself so even if it does not look that good then at least I can say that I have created the posters and I’m sure that will show more merit than designs that have previously have been created by other people.

Please find underneath the different images of my Mum’s piano that I have taken to hopefully use within my three posters for the digital graphics course level three submission.

Piano that I will place in my posters for the Music Made Very Easy advertising campiagn

Piano that I will place in my posters for the Music Made Very Easy advertising campiagn

Black an White keys on the piano

Black an White keys on the piano

Piano for the posters Music Made Very Easy

Piano for the posters Music Made Very Easy

Session Two for homework for the Digital graphics Level Three is finding an reserching various different fonts to use within my threeposters

September 18, 2008

My home work task for this week is to find five fonts that are suitable to use for my three posters for my advertising campaign.

As was discussed earlier the fonts that you can download from the internet are in a third party software program called ‘Winrar’ and I will need to transfer the fonts that I download and store them in a folder called ‘Fonts’ which is in the Windows section of the computer.

I downloaded various fonts from a site from the internet called 1001free fonts and I’ve included the link to the website that I got the fonts from to use in my three posters.

Please find underneath the link to the website for the fonts that I have downloaded to use for the typefaces for selling the musical tuition i.e. Music Made Very Easy’.

These are what the five fonts look like before you can place them in the fonts folder in the Windows program.

As you can see the fonts all have very attractive names to entice people to want to purchase them.The fonts that   I  have choosen are free and for use within the public domain.There are lots of fonts that the above company sells and giving a certain number away of free fonts helps for the company to get people interested in what they are selling.

As far as where I will place the fonts in the posters is still a mystery to me although time will tell and the more I sketch ideas down the more the picture of the three posters will unveil and the fonts will sit in the posters.

One of my ideas is to use the four vector graphic tools in Photoshop and to place the fonts on various musical lines or what are known as ledger lines both with a bass and also a treble clef signs.

This will be catching to the eye and straight away people will know that the posters are to do with the subject of music and a service that it is provided to the general public.

As the vector graphics are very sharp regardless of what resolution it is magnified this will prove very useful for the poster production stage.

Session Five at the Media Center in Huddersfield for the digital graphics Level Three course

September 18, 2008

I arrived at the Media Center at 9.30 a.m. and the first thing that we looked at was how we were to plan our posters.This was to be on a A4 document and has to be at least 150 pixels for clarity.Also a 200 resolution at A4.

Dave our very good teacher showed us how to create a new document which is in Photoshop,File and then New or control n shortcut on the computer keyboard and then chose A4 from the Preset menue and width 210 mm.

 The teacher said that when we start work on our posters there has to be three different designs that we are to come up with.

after this introduction to what size we were to do our poster on we then set about creating and designing our posters.

Please find underneath photos that I took of various instruments for the use in my poster designs.

I decided to chose the theme of promoting a music company which I called ‘Music Made Very Easy’.

The company helps people to learn how to play various musical instruments thet are in the three posters.

I did challenge in my brief that I was to do software and also hardware music programs in my breif but I have decided at this time in the making of my advertising campain to concentrae on the instruments that I know how to play and teach in real life and also the photographic .jpegs that I have taken for my posters are instruments that I own and there fore there is no copywright issues as I own the instruments myself.

Here are the different instruments that I will be using in my three posters that I will be making in Photoshop for my advertising campaign.











For the second part of the day I made process with my posters and cut out various instruments that I was going to use in my advertising campaign.

Please find photos of various stages of how I cut the squeeze box out using the different tools within Photoshop.

“]Stage One [Photo is taken of the squeeze box]
Stage One [Photo is taken of the squeeze box

There are many new techniques that i’m begining to use now with Photoshop and here are but a few ideas that i am using to create my posters in Photoshop.

I’m now using the Magic Wand to select around the instruments and as i have chosen to photograph the instruments using a white background then this will work very well with the Magic wand tool in Photoshop.

I cut the squeeze box out using the Magic wand by selecting the instrument with the Magic Wand and then pressing invert by the using the keyboard shortcut Control Alt and also I all at the same time.This inverted the selection and then I duplicated the layer that I had selected using the shortcut Control J.

After duplicating the layer I then deleted the original layer and worked on the duplicated layer by using the Move tool and placing the guitar in the other image within Photoshop.

Other techniques that I have learned that are proving to be useful are being able to contract and expand an image in Photoshop which I have done by using a Grand Piano that I have imported into Photoshop from going to Images on Google.

At a later date I will change the grand piano with the upright piano that is my Mum’s at my parents home.However at this stage within the production the image of the piano from Google will service the requirements needed in the design stage for the three posters.

Please find underneath the piano that I used by going onto Google and downloading the image.

towards the end of the session I looke at importing a colourful image into the background of the one of the posters that I’m creating.This I did by downloading various pattern images off Google and seeing which one one would be appropriate for the background cover for one of my posters.

Please find te image that I decided to use for the background in my poster idea underneath.


However the fact that the pattern was not created by me did not have any achievement as it was made by someone else and that person held the copyright for the pattern I throught it would be better in the making of my three posters to design my own background and therefore I had to research into creating my own primary designs for my background on the posters within the program ‘Photoshop’.

Session One for homework this week is to construct a Mood Board for the three posters that are to be designed for the Level Three Graphics course

September 18, 2008

I created my mood board by sticking down various images that I have aquired by going through lots and lots of different magazines that I’ve kept over the years on music which features software and hardware music programs.

I found the task of constructing a mood board to be very challenging and I think next time that I create one that I will look into more to do with the asthetics of how the mood board could be layed out.

I was trying to get across the different gendres of what could be put into the advertising campaign and showed that music can be taught from a learning of instruments such as the playing of music and also harmony of music as well as the advances in the technology of today that can play within the teaching spectrum i.e. teaching computer based musical programs that are both hard and software compatable.

I found there to be such a massive spectrum when it comes to teaching such a subject that by sticking lots of images on a white background may help me on the designing stage of the three posters.

Looking back now I would of throught to tackle the mood board in a different way than I did as i’m learning more about digital graphics each day and are now looking into other forms of expression which I could of put on my mood board.

As you can see I have related alot of the subject matter within the mood board to do with the technological side of music and yet in my three posters I have decided to choose what I know and able to teach in the real word i.e. I have concertrated on the various instruments that I know how to play as I have found the software and hardware programs that I said that I was going to teach within the brief to be to out of place and I personally would have to go away and do lots of learning myself to be able to forfill the task of being able to teach the technological side as well.

I could not think of much in the way of different materials to use.If I was to do a mood board say on the enviroment then I would of been able to put some grass on the mood board however I drew a blank when it came to creating ideas for a musical one.

Please find underneath the mood board being made up by myself and all the different cutting from magazines that I used within it’s construction.

 This photo shows the mood board under construction

Here the mood board has  finally been completed

Here the mood board has finally been completed

I found this to be a great learning curve as to constructing different posters as it gives you a chance to brainstrom your ideas before you put them into progress.

Digital Graphics Level Three lesson four at the Media Center in Huddersfield 5.9.08

September 9, 2008

I arrived around 9.50 and it was a very rainy day outside and I was absolutely soaked to the bone. After drying of in the training room and apologising for being a bit late I then looked at a passed students work on the level three graphics course.

This I did by going to the blogs that he had created. The person who I was looking at was called Paul Royton and he has written a very good blog explaining techniques he had learnt in class and then put them into his own work in the creation of his three posters for the advertising campaign.

Paul had decided to choose Japanese Toys as his topic for his three posters and has obviously researched into his chosen field.

I got some good tips from his blogs such as psychology of colours and the effect that colours can have on people from the different parts of the globe.

Also as I mentioned earlier the use of fonts with in the making of the posters and how they can be used to great effect within a piece of digital graphics to sell a product to people in this the big wide world.

Within my company logo it needs to be eye catching and original in design. The font needs to be pleasing to the eye for people to want to use the service that I want to provide and this will entice people to learn the wonderful gift that music can provide.

After lunch we all ventured down to the university at Huddersfield in the pouring raining and we went to get our library cards which will entitle us to use all the wonderful resources within the grounds of the university.

After we had our new cards we then went upstairs and had a look at the resources that were available for us to use within our studies.

I was very impressed as they have a very extensive collection of books, magazines and various other paraphernalia that I can use on this digital graphics course and also various other courses such as the web design that is also available at Beaumont Street Studios.

After we had a look at the resources within the university grounds we then went back to the Media Centre for another tutorial which Dave did on various plug gins which are add-ons to the software program Photoshop.

Again we used the WinRaR program for opening big files up as it compresses the data stored in them

The different plug ins that you can add to Photoshop are Brushes, Custom shapes which are great for designing your own logos using the Pen Tool within Photoshop.

Custom shapes can be made using vector graphics which means that what ever the resolution of the logo it will always appear sharp and clear to look at as opposed to bit map graphics that are raster zed which when magnified pixilate.

I carried on with my posters after the tutorial and cut one of my guitars out for use with a layer mask.

Before the end of the lesson four I wrote down some keyboard pointers that will help me as I process with course.

Control an hold Shift and hold I = invert image

Control and J = Duplicate Layer

Control and T = Scale i.e. using the magnifying glass

Little tips like this will help me in designing my three posters for the final submission of my work for the level three graphics course in digital media. .