Blog 4 5th September


Today we were allowed to carry on with our own projects and catch up with blogs that are incomplete. We were also shown how to produce an ideal blog byu referring to We were told that his blog was not perfect but it was still agood example of how to score highly in this section of the assigment. His blogs showed picture inserts into text, a technique were retaught today.

We were shown that sometimes it is better to save an image as a .gif file


One Response to “Blog 4 5th September”

  1. dglevel3 Says:

    This is a poor entry which makes little sense. There is no reflective quality and you have missed key information covered in this session. You are required to discuss how you can put what you have learnt into practice (general ideas, potential projects etc.) You mention nothing about your project ideas and the comment about a gif is meaningless as it doesn’t demonstrate any understanding of the topic. Finally there are no images uploaded. This would have bee useful in demonstrating you understood the topic. I am positive you can create better blog entries than this Peter.

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