sept 5th adding pics to blogs


TODAY I LEARNED HOW TO PUTPICS INTO MY BLOG:) so from now on i have no excuse for my blog to be just one long ramble…… so lets see if it works,i have been working on a logo and if i have done this properly here it is…

possible logo for poster 2

possible logo for poster 2

now that i have managed to put pics in my blog i can show the fonts reserch which i should have put in my last blog


In todays (fri) we did a lot of the paperwork and admin work tto get our university cards and had a look at the facilitys we can use at the uni.
I managed some time to get my poster 2 image into some sort of a working prototype which i am maily happy with i combined some of the component parts of my idea to make up the photo of  a camera on a tripod with another of my photos placed over the rear LCD screen to give the immpresion that it was the view which the camera was seeing .(see pic)the camera was lifted from a large(ish)photo on fuji’s website and the tripod was my own tripod which i photographed and then cloned onto a new document page and then added the combined camera+ image,one i was happy with the positioning i saved as a jpeg so that i could move the camera tripod image as one unit.
this combined image was thensuperimposed onto a photo i have chosen to use i my poster.(see pic)and a couple of logos which i created were added.
camera and tripod

camera and tripod

  Poster2 work in progress 

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  1. dglevel3 Says:

    Please could you try to be a little less informal. Proper sentence structure, headings and subheadings would be useful.

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