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Introduction to digital graphics level 3 by Dominic Mills

August 31, 2008


Today was the first day on the digital graphics level 3 course. Tutor Dave explained to us what we would be aiming for from this level 3 course. The assignment brief we have to complete to pass the digital graphics qualification, was to act as a digital graphics designers for a company and come up with three finished posters for a organisation or a charity campaign advertising of your choice. the tutor went through an example of an assignment brief by using a Tribunal Adertising Agency as an example. After he went throught the brief, the first thing we had to do is write up a proposal as we have to get an approval from the tutor on the scope of idea. I decided to do my posters for my ends2ends project that i’m currently doing on behalf of the mtv boom project, that is aimed to direct young people the right way from today issues.

To write up the proposal we had to answer a number of questions I.e what the name of the company and what materials do they use. As my project organisation was aimed at anti gun and knife campaign to give a better understanding of disadvantage communties around west yorkshire. As i was approved by the tutor on my proposal idea, my next step was to think about what i was going to put down in my sketch book and on my mood board for ideas.

evening session

After lunch the session began back, for this part of the session the the tutor wanted us to open photo shop as he was going to recap us through some of the things we did on the the level 2 course i.e the tools we can use in photoshop for example the lasso tool and the move tool and etc. after the recap the tutor wanted us to go threw two task with him, the first task was to put together an men cologne bottle advertisment, the first step we had to do was to change the background layer, to a next colour of our own choice, then use the move tool to move the cologne bottle to the background layer. The next step was to copy the cologne bottle layer and flip it so it gives a shadow effect and the way we did this was edit, transform and rotate vertically, we then had to draw a straight line by holding down the shift key and draw a line down with the mouse, then right click with the right mouse button.


Lesson 2 (Homework) – 29/08/08 – Digital G – Level 3

August 29, 2008

For my homework I carried out research on my proposal for my posters sketching a pre-designed poster effect also finding and researching content on the internet, reading through magazines and books for design ideas and to acquire the correct materials for the project in hand the design of my mood board.

I also went onto the internet ‘photoshopuser’ and carried out some tutorial work on masking & and creating layers which hopefully will help me in when it comes to the final design of my poster(s).

I also managed to attach two pieces of A2 together to acquire the size for my mood board which as to be A1.

26-29 Aug

August 29, 2008

In my time at home I browsed the internet for ideas and Japanese iconograpghy, I found some helpful sites and copied the Images to a folder for later use. I took some colour and shape ideas from these and hopefully they will inform my design concept and visual development.



I have also arranged some locations to take photos from and this I will endevour to do within the next couple of weeks, I have also paid special attention to advertising boards and poster desing on the television and internet.

26 Aug

August 29, 2008

The object of this morning was to familiarise ourselves with the course structure and in accordance with this we filled out the required learning agreement/plan and other paperwork.
We were then given the first assignment brief which is interesting and we jotted down ideas and I started a word document outlining my proposal plans for the verification of the tutor.
I was pleasantly suprised to find many familiar faces on the course and tutors who I previously had the pleasure of learning under, I feel that I can achieve good results on this course given hard work, planning and research with extra support from my mentor and fellow learners.

On my dinner hour I took the opportunity to buy myself a sketch pad for making some developmental notes and drawings whilst they were fresh in my head, taken from this mornings assignment brief.

This afternoon I continued exploring my ideas of Japanese iconography and drew up some mood boards of objects complete with textures and different design pieces and calligraphy. Miniturization and minimalism are the key components of Japanese culture and basing these around each material will enable me to convey my ideas in a clear and focused manner.

Session 1 – Aug 29

August 29, 2008

Fri 29 Aug

This morning we were handed a research guide and Dave gave us a detailed guide through the contents. This has helped me to develop some ideas, of the kind of Japanese content I need, such as pictures, colour swatches, patterns, shapes and objects which I will obtain from outside the lessons. We were then given a Photoshop tutorial in how to create a valentines poster, the images we sourced from Adobe Bridge which works with Photoshop. Highlighting techniques in Blur, mask, drop shadow and layering we created a professional looking advert which was relatively simple to achieve.

Light, shadow and reflection

Light, shadow and reflection



In the Afternoon we started work on another advert using similar techniques as before, with duplication of the image for inversion as a reflection of the product. I made notes on these tool techniques and developed my own advert variations.

I found today to be informative and helpful in me achieving certain effects within my poster project. I look forward to working on my mood board and practicing with Photoshop at home.


Lesson 2 – 29/08/08 – Setting up Proposal In Class – Digital G – Level 3

August 29, 2008

Today we had to submit our proposal for our course work. We have to visualise and plan 3 posters to submit as a client’s brief. I submitted my proposal for a writing group named The morecambe Bay Writers and also we carried out research on our paticular brief.

To help assist us with our project we were show a brief from a previous level as an example which I thought was very helpful and put me on the right track.

We also carried out a tutorial in the morning which was to try out two different posters in which we had to drag an image of a necklace onto one and perfume onto the other which the entailed us using drop shadows masking and the blur.

I found today’s lesson most rewarding. Also the tutorial work carried out today will benefit and assist me in maintaining a level of professionalism to carry out techniques and ways to create the project poster(s) and help me to gain my goal.